Monday, January 18, 2016

Aaaannnnddd.... we are back!

Today is a happy day for us.  After lots of consideration, Jennifer and I have decided to bring back Owl Read It.

A lot has happened to us in the last 3 years.  I have had another baby (a boy named Jasper) and she has had two (both boys - James and Thomas)! We have both bought houses and moved and finally it seems like our lives are settling down a little bit.

As of right now, Meghan still has too much on her plate to commit to coming back full-time.  We are hoping to have her back once in a while potentially as a guest reviewer.

We are still waiting to see where we want to go with this.  We will be operating, but not at the same capacity that we were before.  So far, we have planned one weekly written review by yours truly and one vlog review by Jennifer from her vlog YouTube channel that she runs called The Bookish Ginger.

I hope to bring back the "Waiting on Wednesday" weekly posts and a summary at the end of the week every Sunday like we used to do called "Owl Post".

Also, please bear with us as we are playing with the look of the blog.  It has been three years since we last blogged and things are being updated/re-hauled.

So look forward to more posts from now on!


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