Review Policy:

Thank you for taking the time to read our policies.

We started this blog because we have a love of reading and enjoy sharing our thoughts on books with others. Our reviews are our own opinions and we are not compensated in any way for writing our reviews. We just love to share our thoughts and give book recommendations, as well as receive them.

If you are an author of publisher who would like for us to review your book, please read the following first.

1. We are a blog that mainly focuses on YA books, within the genre we will read just about everything.
2. Our reviews are generally published here, on the blog, as well as Goodreads. If there is another place you would like the review to be published, please let us know where.
3. We are busy moms, it generally takes us 4-6 weeks to get a book reviewed. Books that are already out, or have a closer publication date are higher priority to us.
4. As of March 2012, we are currently open to accept reviews.
5. If you would like us to review your book, please contact us at: owlreaditbookblog@gmail.com

Giveaway Policy:

1. Our giveaways are open to ages 13+ (Unless otherwise stated)
2. Winners will be sent an email and have 48hrs to reply or a new winner will be chosen.
3. Prizes are normally ordered from The Book Depository, we like to be able to offer international giveaways. However, not all giveaways may be international, please check the individual giveaways to make sure you're eligible before entering.
4. We are not responsible for prizes lost or damaged in the post.
5. We hold the right to disqualify any entry as we see fit.

Just letting everyone know that we are not paid nor compensated for our reviews. We are offered review copies for honest reviews, but it in no way affects our reviews.

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