Sunday, April 1, 2012

Review: The Field Guide by Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black

The Field Guide

Author: Holly Black & Tony DiTerlizzi

Publication Date: May 2st, 2003

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Middle-Grade/YA



When the three Grace children -- Mallory, Jared, and Simon -- and their mom move into Aunt Lucinda's old house, readers know there's magic afoot. The kids uncover a nest of assembled junk, and on a visit to the secret library via the dumbwaiter, Jared finds a note describing "my secret to all mankind." After a few mysterious pranks that get blamed on Jared, the boy finally digs up the real prize: Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You. Fortunately enough, the kids meet one of the critters listed in the guide -- a brownie named Thimbletack -- who makes it all "real" and helps provide the book's suspenseful conclusion: "'Throw the book away, toss it in a fire. If you do not heed, you will draw their ire.'"

My Thoughts: There isn't a whole lot to say about a short novella after a big summary like that. And try not to  judge me for reading a middle grade book =P. I like reading everything, books are books and I love them all :).

So the story is about three siblings. Twins named Jared & Simon and their older sister Mallory. Their parents had a recent divorce and the kids and their mom take refuge in their crazy old Aunt's house. Said Aunt is now living in an insane asylum for talking about little people that took care of her. Very quickly after moving in, the kids discover that maybe their Aunt wasn't so crazy. They keep hearing scurrying in the walls, and inside they find what looks like a little nest. Complete with big decorations and pictures. This discovery eventually leads to a the discovery of a secret room full of fantastical wonders. Mainly a book that describes mass amounts of fairy like beings and more.

This is a pretty fun little read. I found it entertaining, and the characters are fun. You actually get to learn a lot about them even in such a short time. There's always lots  happening, they pack lots of suspense and adventure in a little story :). I look forward to reading more in the series! I think these would be great books to share with my kids when they get old enough to read them. I've actually been reading these out loud to them a little bit. There is lots of really great illustrations throughout the book as well, so it kept their attention well.

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