Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Devil May Cry by Shinya Goikeda

Devil May Cry

Author: Shinya Goikeda

Publication Date: October 31st, 2006

Publisher: TokyoPop

Genre: Fantasy/YA/Paranormal



Tony is a rough-and-tumble jack-of-all-trades with a haunted past. His encounter with Gilver, a mysterious swordsman swathed in bandages, changes his life dramatically for the worse. Tony is thrust into the dark underworld of an unsolvable case, separated from his partner and his loved ones, and pushed over the edge of desperation. Who's forcing him into a corner? What do they hope to achieve?

My Thoughts: This is my first time reading a book like this, and I really enjoyed it. It feels a lot like reading Manga, which I've done quite a bit of, but obviously in this case there is a lot more words then there are pictures. But if you are into the Manga scene, I'm sure you would enjoy this!

Devil May Cry was an action packed story full of darkness, hate, evil and all those gloomy details. It definitely stands out from most YA genre books. There is no softness, romance, happiness, sunshine, none of that or anything closely resembling it. It was fast paced, and kept me turning the pages. There was definitely no dull moments and I found myself cheering the main character on the whole time.

We can't be for certain if Tony is a good guy or not. He definitely seems to have goodness in him, but he doesn't really live in a world where he can afford to show it. Instead he stands at the top of his game, the best at what he does to survive. That is until a man covered in bandages named Gilver shows up. He can keep up with Tony with ease, and even best him. What ensues is a downward spiral of even deeper darkness and evil. Gilver brings with him a whole heap of mystery and questions that I was burning to know the answers to.

It was short but definitely not sweet. Definitely an easy, quick read. If you are a fan of the game series at all you should probably give it a try. This book doesn't neccesarily follow along with the game. It's more of a side story and it also fills in some details that aren't completely obvious in the game. I've only played the 4th game myself but I did seriously enjoy it, and Dante became one of my favorite video game characters. So when I seen this at the library I knew I had to give it a shot.

I will definitely be looking to read more in this series, and I will be recommending it to all my friends. Book nerds and game nerds alike. If you're looking to take a step into something a little different than the usual, I think this is a pretty good place to start. And even if it doesn't totally tickle your fancy, it's only a couple hundred pages long so you won't have to make too much effort haha.

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