Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunger Games Movie Review

So I finally got to go see the Hunger Games last night! My husband had been on night shift for the week so I had to wait in tortuous anticipation for his first night off. So, how did the movie compare? I'm always nervous when a movie comes out for a book that I really love. I hate to see a treasured story butchered. That was not the case for this one though :). I was very pleased with the movie! Of course, when you turn a book into a movie, a lot of details do get left out, but at a running time of 2.5 hours, they couldn't really squeeze any more in without  making it to long. Not that I wouldn't watch it if it was like 5 hours long, but of course, that's not a really great idea. So some stuff gets left out or skimmed over but even still, a lot of important events are captured very well. I will admit I was a little disappointed in the Rue scene, but that's most likely just because that was a major plot point for me when reading the story, it was still done well, I just expected it to be more heartbreaking. Reading it made me cry more than watching it =P. I think they did an excellent job for all of the casting! The most perfect castings, in my opinion, were Jennifer Lawrence for Katniss, Woody Harrelson for Haymitch, and Lenny Kravitz for Cinna. They were so spot on and just perfect! I think the acting over all was really well done! All of the characters were captured and portrayed really well! And it held pretty true to the story line from the book. Suzanne Collins herself had a lot to do with the making of the movie, so you know it should be good. I really like when the writer takes a huge part in their movie, or show productions. So to summarize, it's definitely worth going to see! I'll be watching it again for sure when it's released on DVD/BluRay, and most likely buying. And I usually don't buy movies. I think you will enjoy it whether you have read the book or not.  I know I already can't wait for movie #2!

The movie's success is pretty good proof of how good it is! It made it to #3 of all time for most money made on an opening weekend. It was succeeded by Deathly Hallows Pt2 and  The Dark Knight. Both of which were movies part of a pre-existing series, making The Hunger Games #1 for the first in a series! Woo! They pulled in 155$ Million! Which is more than double what Twilight's first movie made. It was also #1 for movies released out of the busy summer months. It was 40$ Million ahead of the last March record holder, Alice in Wonderland. If all of that is proof of it's awesomeness, than I don't know what is! You should probably go see it, if you haven't already :).

I have a funny little story about the night me and a few of my friends went to see it. We decided to all go to the bookstore and buy Mockingjay pins to wear to the movie. When we arrived we couldn't find any so we approached someone and asked if they had any more. He sadly informed us that they didn't. At this point I noticed he had to be a fan. He was wearing a pin, which I threatened (jokingly) to steal, and he has his beard shaved to look exactly like Seneca Crane's from the movie. I of course complimented him on his awesome beard and he was very thankful and said he worked very hard on it :). So anyway, he offered to call another bookstore and see if they had any they would hold for us. He asked us all our last names, and when he got to me and I said Gale, he looks at me and goes "ha..ha.. very funny.." I replied "No, seriously! That's my last name!" He totally didn't believe me and thought I was just  some crazy fan girl. Which I am a little, but not over the male roles, just the story haha. I had a good laugh over it and I thought I would share it with you. Hope I didn't bore you haha :) And yes, I did get my pin :D I love it!


  1. pics or it didn`t happen.............=.=

  2. hallo...
    i enjoy reading ur riview and especially when u said to the man than ur name is gale and he wasn;t believin u :)
    i love hunger games both books and movie...and although gale is more handsome but i am sill at team peeta :)

    love, nurma


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