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Review: Moon Spun by Marilee Brothers

Moon Spun
(Unbidden Magic #3)

Author: Marilee Brothers

Publication Date: July 1st, 2010

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

Genre: Urban Fantasy



Junior's back from Mexico with his movie-star entourage. Beck's using his half-demon charms to "heal" a new girl. Mom's still wacky and now she's dating Principal Hostetler. High school is still an obstacle course of drama queens, bullies and nutjobs. The Trimarks are still a menace, and the moonstone pendant has revealed even more mind-boggling powers. In other words, Allie Emerson's life as the Girl Voted Least Likely To Save The World From Evil has gone from Weird to Super-Charged Super-Weird, and it's about to get even weirder. You're a faery princess. So says the mysterious Ryker, whose handsome talents include turning himself into a hawk. By the way, he and Allie are destined to marry. In faery land--Boundless. If they can save it from forces even more deadly than Trimarks and high school. The third book in the Unbidden Magic series plunges readers into a rich other-world of danger, humor, romance, fable, fairytale and magical destiny.

My Thoughts: I had thought I had an idea of what was going to happen in this book, Brothers completely blew my mind! I could not stop reading! I started it and then you find out a few things about Allie and I was just sitting there with my mouth open. I'm fairly sure there were a few "OMG!"s out loud  while I was reading. I thought at first that it would be similar to Sookie Stackhouse type of fae. NOPE! I just read  this book in less than a day, I only have one more in the series to read, I worried about how the next one will end because this one left off with an insane cliffhanger. I almost started reading it right after finishing this, but I like to get my reviews written before starting a new book. This was an extremely fun and quick read, even though I believe it was longer than the previous two books in the series.

I was expecting there to be a huge love triangle between Allie, Junior and Beck. Well, throw in Ryker and Allie doesn't know what to do. Junior left her for over a year, without trying to contact her, but now he's coming back. Beck is off in college and hasn't been calling her. Ryker, well he seems to think they are destined to be married because Allie's grandmother said so. So what is a girl to do? All of them are hot, but she'll have to make a decision eventually.

Allie has a lot of self discovery going on in this book, can she really accept everything? She is looking after Chad, the Principal's adopted son, and Chad is a little strange. Also, she now has not only her own world to save, but Boundless as well, can she do it all? It seems a bit much putting all this pressure on one teenage girl, but that is Allie's life.

There are quite a few new characters as well. My favorite being Maddie and Ari, the two of them are hilarious and I laughed out loud a few times at their antics. I'm not going to say much about them because they should be a surprise, but they are really great!

Moon Spun is by far the best book in the series so far. I'm looking forward to reading whatever Brothers has imagined up for Shadow Moon. I can only think about how it might compare to this action packed, page turning adventure. I'm definitely going to have to recommend this series to any fantasy lovers. Now I'm off to start the next book!

Thank you to NetGalley for the review copy!!


  1. Oh cool! I hadn't even heard of this series before but it sounds pretty awesome :) The summary and your review combined have my head kind of spinning -- it sounds like there's a lot going on! Haha, I love that... thanks for the great review! <3


    1. There is a lot that goes on, but it's awesome!


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