Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review: Undermountain by Eric Kent Edstrom


Author: Eric Kent Edstrom

Publication Date: December 22nd, 2011

Publisher: Undermountain Books LLC

Genre: Fantasy



Two teens from from different worlds . . . Danny Michaelson, sixteen, just wants a little time away from his troubled home in Nashville. So when he joins a group of teens in the Canadian Rocky Mountains for a ten day hiking excursion, he's primed for adventure.

Breyona Lewis, sixteen, is a beautiful rich girl from Chicago. Outwardly cheerful, she conceals a dark secret. One she denies even to herself.

. . . the encounter of a lifetime . . . Danny and Breyona come face to face with a creature of legend--an eight foot tall beast they tag as "bigfoot." But it's no missing link, no mere animal. And it does not want humans knowing its secrets. Because there are thousands of them here on Earth, living in a hidden city deep beneath the mountains, waiting for the day humans are "ready."

. . . friendship, love, and loyalty . . . Separated from each other and told they may never return home, Danny, Breyona, and the others race to escape. To survive.

One is made more than human, one is made less.

One must fight, one must surrender.

Both must face the truth of who they are.

My Thoughts: Undermountain is completely different from anything that I've ever read before, in a good way! I really enjoyed reading it! Eric Edstrom has created a very awesome and interesting world beneath the Canadain Rockies (beneath all of the Earth's major mountain ranges actually). The thought that there could be an entire civilization of Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) down there is really great. I had started reading this one before bed one night and before I knew it I was 100 pages in and it was 1 am. Even though I had just meant to read a few pages. This book kept me up the second night as well, trying to get it finished but I just couldn't because it got too late, so I finished it the next morning before doing anything else. So very hard to put down. I just had to know what would happen next.

I liked most of the characters (all but Bronson and Shaggy, but I don't think you are really supposed to like them). They all really grew up and matured after their experience of being captives. Danny became more of a leader, Em less selfish, Wa more serious (but still a joker), Breyona more calm and Shiv turned out to be more than expected from him since he liked being in Undermountain. I like Grizz the bigfoot, how he tried to help the humans even though he had been ordered not to.

All in all, it's a great story, one with a lot of imagination put behind it. It's unique and a huge page turner. It's a great YA book and would be ok for even younger teens. There are a few twists, but I really wasn't ever sure what to expect, which is really good. Very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend this one to fantasy/sci fi lovers! You should check it out!

*Thank you to Eric Edstrom for the review copy!*

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