Saturday, June 23, 2012

Book News On The Fly

So I normally don't do many post on book news, mostly because I don't have much time to do the posts, but today when I was catching up on facebook I just noticed so much awesome book related news. So I'm going to share what I was most excited to see this week.

First of all, there were a couple of AMAZING cover reveals. There were just so many gorgeous covers this week!!

 I just finished reading Everneath a few days ago and will be posting my review Monday, so out of all of the new covers, this one is probably my most anticipated because I need to know what happens next!!

 I haven't even started this series yet, but I've heard some pretty awesome things about it. So I'm pretty anxious to dig into the series. Regardless as to whether or not I like the series, this cover is gorgeous!!

 I recently bought the second book in this series and it is one gorgeous hardback. I'm going to need to get the first and start the series. I've actually been wanting to read it for a long time and am loving this cover. These covers are always pretty amazing!

 This is yet another series that I need to read, but I'm loving this cover as well. I like dark themed covers and the font is perfect for this theme!!

 This one wasn't announced this week, but I feel I had to include it because of the next two. Plus I freaking LOVE how amazing this cover is!! I'm going to have to buy a new copy!

 After the covers for Unravel Me and Destroy Me were revealed, it's easy to see why they changed the cover for Shatter Me, they are all amazing and I can't wait to read Unravel Me!!!!

So new covers weren't the only awesome news this week, there were also a few name announcements.
One of my favorite reads of 2012 had it's sequel's name announced. What book? Well Julie Kagawa's The Immortal Rules of course. Book two of the Blood of Eden series will be named: Eternity Cure. I'm so excited for this one because I LOOOVED The Immortal Rules. 

The other name announcement that I was really excited for was for the second book of Kiera Cass' The Selection. Which will be called The Elite. I still haven't gotten to read The Selection yet, but it's high up on my TBR.

So we got some new covers and some new names, we also got a LONG awaited trailer!!!! You know what I'm talking about! Breaking Dawn: Part Two!!!!

 Then there was one more trailer that has peaked my interest. The one for Anna Karenina. I read the book awhile ago and I think the movie looks like it could be good! Kiera Knightly and Jude Law? Going to have to check it out!!

That's all the book news that I have for you today, what was your favorite thing in the news this week? What are you most excited for? If I missed something you've been looking forward to, let me know. I've been working a lot lately so it's entirely possible!!


  1. I'm quite excited for the next Breaking Dawn movie! Twilight's one of those books that got me back into reading and I'm not ashamed! :)

    I have yet to read Anna Karenina, BUT I do own a copy of it AND a copy of ANDROID Karenina. Clearly I need to get reading.

    LOVE the new covers for the Shatter Me series! I've heard awesome things about it but still haven't read them ...

    1. I'm totally excited for Breaking Dawn! Twilight didn't get me back into reading, but I've totally read the books more than once because I love them.

      Anna Karenina was interesting, I enjoyed it, I don't think Meghan did though...

      I'm loving the new Shatter Me covers, you should read it, it's awesome!!

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Thanks for the updates. Very beautiful covers.


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