Sunday, June 17, 2012

Owl Post (6)

Owl Post is a weekly feature at Owl Read It where we let you know what new books we got that past week as well as recap what reviews we've posted the past week. It's inspired by The Story Siren's In My Mailbox meme.

Jenn's Haul:
I'm making up for getting so much last week. This week I got NOTHING!!

Meghan's Haul:
Thanks to an awesome book sale at my local library I have books to share with you this week! I got these and a few kids books all for 6$, woohoo!
The Outsiders - S.E. Hinton
This is one of my all time favorites, so I'm glad I finally own a copy.
The Hobbit - J.R.R Tolkien
Yes of course I already own this and have read it multiple times, but this copy had such an old looking awesome cover, I had to bring it home. I have problems with books that if I like the other cover I'll get it again. I have 4 copies of Lord of the Rings haha. And  a few Stephen King  Duplicates :).
Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer
I actually started this series back in Middle School, but never got past the first book. I'm excited to start it again.

Kristal's Haul:

Small haul for me this week.  I got the .ePub version of Lauren Kate's newest release Rapture for my e-reader.  It is the last book in the Fallen series that follows Lucinda Price and Daniel. I am really excited to read it and hope my daughter allows me the time!  Review to come.

Reviews from this week:


What did you get this week?


  1. Jenn -- good idea to get moving through your TBR pile! I'm doing the same thing, though I keep buying more books as I do!

    Meghann -- Don't you love cheap books? My local library has books for sale for $0.25 a piece and sometimes you can find awesome books. I found a pretty much unused copy of The Time Traveler's Wife ... after I lost my copy! Score!

    Kristal -- I've heard amazing things about Lauren Kate!! I hope you enjoy the book!

    Happy reading, ladies!

    1. I do love cheap books, in fact, I think there are few things I love more than cheap books haha :D

    2. Yeah, it's at least helping with that since I have 43 books that I own and still need to read.

  2. Artemis Fowl and the Outsiders -- love those!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by -- I'm going to go check our your review of Daughter of Smoke and Bone!

    1. Outsiders is one of my all time faves. Love that book :D. So glad I finally have a copy on my shelf to share with my kids when they're older. Hope you enjoyed my Daughter of Smoke & Bone review! :)

  3. I have been meaning to check out Artemis Fowl but never got around to it and The Hobbit that is an epic classic and SK...I am a constant reader! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great week.

    1. I have been meaning to return to it for many many years now haha. I want to get some more from the series before I do though. I am a hardcore massive Stephen King Fan haha.

  4. Hi! Thank you for commenting on my blog!
    I know! Dystopians are awesome! ( :
    Oh, enjoy Maze Runner- It's amazing!

  5. I have plenty of books and arcs to read, but I'm feeling the itch to go to a used book sale!


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