Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review: Talented by Sophie Davis


Author: Sophie Davis

Publication Date: January 11th, 2012

Genre: Science Fiction / Dystopia



If you always knew what people were really thinking, would you consider it a gift or a curse?

Talia Lyons is Talented. Born after a nuclear spill, she is part of a new generation that possesses special abilities; Talia can read the minds of others and manipulate their thoughts. Whether Morphers, Light Manipulators or Telekinetics, the Talented are taught to control their abilities under the protective eye of the government- to use their Talents for good. But all Talia wants is revenge.

Talia joins the Hunters, an elite group of government operatives, hoping to one day kill Ian Crane - the man who ordered the execution of her parents. Ever since she witnessed their brutal deaths, Talia has spent her life honing her abilities, determined to settle the score. But she still has a lot to learn before she can ease the pain inside. Talia turns to a boy who can mimic her Talents, a boy who truly understands her inner turmoil. But even he can’t help Talia, when she’s forced to choose between saving herself and avenging the lives of her parents.

My Thoughts: When I first started reading Talented I wasn't sure what to expect. I'll admit, I took a look at the cover and wasn't sure (it had a different cover last week, I swear!!). I know, that makes me a horrible person, judging books by the cover, but it happens and you all know you do it! The cover of a book is the first thing that attracts more people to it. That being said, I like this new cover a lot more! I look at it and it makes me wonder what the story could be about. The thing that made me decide to read this book was the synopsis. It sounded like something I would like. I'm in a huge love relationship right now with dystopians, add in the sci fi and you have yourself a deal. 

So, regardless of the cover, I gave this book a shot and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Talia is a pretty kick butt girl, who's gone through a lot of training to get to that point. She also has her "talent" which is actually very useful for fighting. I mean, when you have the ability to force people to do things with your mind, how can you ever really lose a fight, unless the numbers are extremely against you. I felt really bad for Talia because she lost her parents, and watched them be murdered even. 

I felt like there was a good amount of romance and action in Talented. There wasn't really any of the instant  romance going on, which can be kind of annoying really. Actually, the story starts out with Talia already having a boy friend. They've been together forever pretty much and couldn't be happier. So there is a bit of romance and history  between them. 

Overall it did take me a long time to get into this book, mostly because I didn't have much time to sit and read, but once I got going I had a hard time putting it down. Especially in the second half, there is just so much going on and I was pretty concerned over Talia. Talented is a really fun read and I would definitely recommend it! I'm looking forward to reading the second book in the series, Caged. Sophie Davis did a really great job creating characters you can realate with and care about and  her dystopian world is well made also. You should definitely give it a try if you enjoy sci fi, distopia worlds!


  1. I always judge books by their covers and I love kick butt heroines!

    1. It's a really terrible thing to do, but I still do it. I'm so glad I read this one even though the cover didn't attract me though! It was really good!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hey no worries! I ALWAYS judge a book by its cover. I bet most people do too. This sounds like such a good read. I'm a sucker for dystopia novels! And even better..this has sci-fi too! Whoo!

    1. I think most people But yes, I'm on a huge dystopian kick right And sci-fi is always good!
      Thanks for the visit!


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