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Blog Tour Stop: Determinant by A.M Hargrove

Welcome to our stop on the Blog Tour for Determinant by A.M Hargrove!
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If you've been following us for a little while, you will know that this is a series I totally adore! I got the first book for review randomly a little less than a year ago, and I have been hooked ever since. Luckily Hargrove is an extremely nice lady and she has been faithful in sending me review copies whenever a new installment comes out. So when I heard there was a tour for the series, I just had to join in and spread the love and the good word about this unforgettable, and incredibly unique series!

Since I have already read and reviewed this series, I am pulling a triple threat here and sharing all 3 reviews with you! Survival, the first book in the series, is currently free so you should definitely give a read to see if the series is something you would enjoy :). If you make it to the bottom of this post, there will be a link to a giveaway where you could win an e-copy of Resurrection (book #2) or Determinant (book #3) of the Guardians of Vesturon Series. You want to enter this giveaway, the winner will be one lucky individual!


Author: A.M Hargrove

Publication Date: November 15th, 2011

Publisher: Smashwords

Genre: YA/Romance/Paranormal



While on a backpacking trip in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, nineteen-year-old Maddie Pearce finds her world has been thrown into a vortex and is madly spinning toward the impossible. Abducted by a mad psychopath, Maddie narrowly escapes with her life. But that is only the beginning. Her mysterious rescuer introduces her to a world that Maddie has difficulty accepting as reality. Will this strikingly gorgeous stranger be the key to her future or will she return to her mundane world, scarred from her experience? Follow Maddie as she is forced to make difficult decisions that carry her to mysterious places.

My Thoughts: I will start off by saying I LOVED this book! I was sucked into it's pages from beginning to end. Never a dull moment, always on the edge of my seat, couldn't wait to see what happened next. It was very fast paced, in a good way, and was never ever boring. Now that I'm done, I can't wait for the next installment in the series. I absolutely need to read it.

Now for more about the book itself. The book was divided into four different books (segments), each one more exciting than the one before it. In the first book we get to know all about the character Madeline Pearce, or Maddie as is is more commonly called. Maddie lost  her mother unexpectedly at a very young age, and not to many years later she lost her father suddenly as well. She has no other family, and you can not help but pity her. But, at the same time you admire the strength and optimism she has to carry on with her life. She picks up the pieces and tries to embrace her new life of solidarity and she does a really great job. I loved reading the first segment, I grew to like Maddie a lot. She has a great, down-to-Earth, bright, happy personality that is very endearing. She also happens to be very clumsy and accident prone, in an adorable way that had me laughing out loud on a couple different occasions. I also felt like reading her describe what her life has been like up till now was like reading a diary entry, it seemed so natural and easy flowing, like she was telling all this to her closest friend and you were that friend. She also makes a lot of references to things that are popular in our present time, and that really helps you relate with her. I especially enjoyed the Harry Potter references :).

Moving up to present time in the story line, Maddie is all alone. She has one thing that she loves and holds on to from her life with her father, and that's hiking and camping and just plain being outdoors. So this one Christmas she decides to spend the night and day camping in her favorite spot on Smokey Mountain and the very unexpected happens. Maddie comes face to face with a serial killer that targets women. This part of the book had me feeling real fear, my heart was pounding in my chest as I read through her horrifying ordeal with this mad man. I won't give to many details but it comes to a point where the killer assumes her dead, and he moves on. She then is saved by a group of people called the Nunne'hi, they are a group of people yet unknown to the rest of the world. When reading about the Nunne'hi I got a very elvish vibe from them. They are not  elves, but if I had to describe them that is what I would say. But Tolkien elves! The Nunne'hi happen to have an alliance with aliens from a planet called Vesturon, with whom they protect the earth and the people on it. The aliens who are sent to work with the Nunne'hi are called Guardians. They look just like humans, with a slightly larger frame, some super human abilities, and are much more technologically advanced than us. The Guardian who is charged with helping Maddie's healing process is named Rayn. Upon their meeting there is instant, intense, crazy attraction.

Here comes the love dilemma that tugs on our heartstrings. Maddie is a mere human, Rayn is an alien from another planet! Not only that, his father just happens to be the leader of said planet and Rayn, being his first born son, is to be his successor. So here they are, they have this attraction that, you the reader, can feel coming at you off the pages. Their relationship is electric, it's on fire! It's intensely deep, very real, and best of all (for us readers) it's strictly  forbidden. Humans are never allowed to be on Rayn's planet, as well, Rayn is what we would consider royalty, he could not be paired with a human! Forbidden love has a way of reeling us in, we just have to read on to see what happens and if it's a love strong enough to beat the odds.

So, that's the big question! Will Maddie be OK with being in love with an alien, once she discovers  that is what he, in fact, is? Is she ready to be close to someone again after tragically losing the ones she was closest to? Will Rayn risk losing his family, disinheriting himself from the role as leader of Vesturon, or risk being imprisoned for bringing a human to his planet? These are not the only obstacles that get thrown in their path!

But that is as far as I will take you! As I love to say, you're going to have to read it yourself to find out. And on that note, I absolutely recommend that you do so! If you're a fan of YA, Paranormal, Romance, or all of the above, get your hands on a copy and read it :) I have faith you will love it as much as I did. Great work Hargrove! Lucky for me, and all of us, the next installment: Resurrection, is to be very soon released! I personally can not wait to get my hands on it! :)


Author: A.M Hargrove

Publication Date: January 18th, 2012

Publisher: Self-Published

Genre: YA/Romance/Paranormal



Rayn Yarrister, the first-born son and Leader of The Guardians, has been imprisoned on Vesturon for breaking their most sacred of covenants. He is suddenly jolted by Maddie's telepathic pleas for help, as her life hangs in the balance. Can he alert The Guardians in time to save his soul mate? Or will he face his trial alone and broken without his one true love? In Resurrection (Book 2), The Guardians of Vesturon are facing their biggest challenges as Earth is threatened by an invading species from a distant planet intent on destroying it for its resources. The Guardians, as protectors of the universe, have been assembled to defend not only Earth, but other vulnerable worlds as well. The Yarrister family is threatened by an unknown entity intent on discrediting them. Will they uncover this plot in time to save themselves from ruin? Will The Guardians succeed in stopping the Xanthians, or will Earth be invaded and ravaged by this marauding species?

My Thoughts:To begin with, I absolutely loved  this book! The above summary does not do it any justice. The story packs so much more, but I guess it's better left as a surprise.

This story is the second in the Guardians of Vesturon series, the first being 'Survival', you can find me review for that one here. The story picks up exactly where we left off at the end of Survival, which is great because I would hate to miss out on any possible story line.

As is usual for Maddie, in this book she finds herself in terribly awkward situations, and even more near  death experiences. You really have to pity her sometimes, she is like a magnet for bad luck and trouble. The way she is portrayed, I almost see her as a little child, always getting into big messes, causing big problems, and Rayn's family is following her around and taking care of her, cleaning up her messes. At times, I wonder how they didn't explode or just ship her off, her episodes would probably be to much for me to handle, even if my brother was intensely in love with her. But, in this story, we get to see Maddie become a whole new person, making the title of this book pretty much perfect. It really is like a resurrection of Maddie. Gone is the Maddie we have known through book one and part of book two, by the end we have a brand new character that has grown in so many ways. You will come to admire her, love her, and be so happy for and proud of her. Going through Maddie's experiences with her and watching her grow was wonderful. I found myself biting my nails in anticipation, felt my stomach tying up in knots when things got intense, and ultimately I even cried.

Rayn also has some ups and downs in this book. We see sides of him that are surprising. Of course we know he is very protective of Maddie, but we get quite a good look at just how deep that emotion runs, and how it effects him during Maddie's trials and tribulations. Their love story is one I adore. I just wanted everything to be perfect for them, there are some major bumps in road for their relationship during this book, at times I feared the worst or caught myself thinking 'No! That's can't happen!'

Aside from Maddie's incredible character growth, and some amazing details we discover about her past that will shock you! There is also a big war waging between the Guardians and beings from another planet called Xanthians, who are attacking Earth with the plan to destroy it and steal all it's resources as theirs are near depletion. Rayn being the first born and a lead Guardian obviously plays a huge roll in this war, which obviously in turn plays into his and Maddie's relationship. For better or for worse, maybe a little of both, you will have to read it to see for yourself.

I know I said this in the beginning, but I full out loved this book. For a while at the beginning everything was going so well, and I was so happy, and then of course, you know something has to go wrong, at that point, It was impossible for me to stop reading. after I reached 60% I didn't stop reading till I was done, I couldn't! I was up way into the night, without feeling even slightly tired, because the story was just to enthralling. I seriously can not wait to read book three. I can't wait to sink my literary teeth into more of the world that Hargrove has created for us with these books. I absolutely recommend that you get out there and find yourselves some copies of these books, You will fall in love when you read 'Survival', and then Resurrection will rock your world! I'm willing to bet that the third installment will be even better! I want to send out a great big thanks to A.M Hargrove for sharing this book with me, I told her how much I loved Survival and she in turn gave me Resurrection, I am sincerely grateful! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story with me, I can't wait to see what happens next!


Author: A.M Hargrove

Publication Date: June 30th, 2012

Publisher: Self Published

Genre: YA/Sci-Fi/Paranormal



January St. Davis, on her own since the age of sixteen and struggling to stay in college, thinks she’s scored in a major way when she lands a paid summer internship at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. One evening, after working an especially long shift, a chance encounter with a group of mysterious men alters the course of her life. Rykerian Yarrister, a Guardian of Vesturon with unearthly powers and impossibly gorgeous looks, finds himself at odds over the human female he recently saved from certain death. When it seems he is on the verge of winning her over, she is ripped from his hands by a strange and powerful being, threatening to destroy her if his demands are not met. Do Rykerian and the Guardians have the ability to meet this fierce barbarian’s ultimatums, or will January suffer a horrid demise?

My Thoughts: I was beyond excited to receive this book from Anne Hargrove! If you've been around our blog for a little while, you know I read and reviewed the first two in this series and loved them both desperately! I was even lucky enough to do a interview with the very lovely Hargrove, in which we learned lots about the books and I got to pay her lots of well deserved compliments. You can read that review here.

So I waited ever so impatiently for book 3, and I am very much pleased with what I received in the end. We kinda of move on from Rayn and Maddie and instead embark on a story involving Rykerian and a young not entirely human girl named January. We do although pretty much pick up in the same time frame as the second book left off at.

First we get to learn all about January. And maybe you remember her briefly from the first story. It just so happens she was one of Maddie's room mates in college. The more I learned about January, the more I wanted to reach into those pages and give that poor girl a hug. I  don't know that I've ever read anything more heartbreaking than what she has to endure in the beginning of the book. She is one strong hearted soldier though, and soldier on she does. She eventually finds herself working at a disease prevention center when a virus leak occurs. January finds herself inflicted and on the brink of death when Rykerian finds her.

What happens after was thrilling, scary, heartbreaking and also heart warming. The disease is threatening to wipe out the human population and as protectors of Earth, the Vesturion Guardians must find a way to prevent this from happening. But unforeseen and unimagined forces are at work here. We encounter a brand new race that before was never known to exist. They emerge and display their incredible amounts of power, making the Guardians look almost weak and helpless. But which side are they on?! Which side will they align with in the end?

All during this war of galaxies, some evil, some good, and some maybe still on the fence. Rykerian and January are finding their love for each other. January may not be completely human after all, just maybe she finally finds her home and her sense of belonging at last. But of course it doesn't come that easily when Earth is on the brink of destruction and your in love with a man who's sworn an oath to protect it at all costs. Throw in some brand new, incredibly powerful enemies and we've got a big old pot of fun.

Hargrove never ceases to satisfy me. I am so in love with the characters she creates. I love them all like they're my own friends and family. I feel like they are all such unique and amazing people, yeah that's right. I'll just call them people from now on, not characters. Because Hargrove does such an amazing job at bringing them to life. She breathes a fresh, amazing breath of life right into them and they stroll right into my heart as I ride their emotional waves with them. Also, those Yarrister men can stroll right into my heart anytime haha. I wish gentlemen like that still existed! Way to create a whole family of men to make all us ladies swoon haha.

I want to send a massive thank you to Hargrove for sending me a copy to read and review. This series holds a special place in my heart and I am so glad to have stumbled upon it. Already I can't wait to read book #4, come on 2013!!!!

And so you've made it, down here to the very bottom. Congratulations! I hope my reviews helped you decide if this is a series you should read, which I definitely think it is! Now for the best part; giveaway time! There will be 3 winners, and the prizes go as follows:
1st prize:$15 GC Amazon plus Determinant and Resurrection

2nd prize:Determinant and Resurrection
3rd prize: Determinant

!!To enter click here!!

I also did an interview with the very lovely lady Hargrove a little while back during the survival blog tour  asking her questions about her series. There is a link to that here if you are interested. And with that, I will draw this tour stop to a close. Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you had fun and don't forget to visit all the other stops!


  1. Oh wow this sounds so good, intense and exciting! Plus I like the sounds of Maddie and her clumsiness already haha. Sounds like it has great character development and growth too which is what I like the most in books! Great review!

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you liked my reviews :). The books really are quite awesome, you should definitely give them a try! Thanks for stopping by :).

  2. Wow! Thanks Meghan for taking part in the I Luv Tours tour of Determinant and featuring the entire series. I feel so honored to have all 3 Guardians of Vesturon books featured on your awesome blog and I am amazed and humbled by your kind words. I'm not often speechless, but I can't seem to find anything else to say, except thanks so much! Annie xoxo

    1. You are so sincerely welcome Anne! I just knew I had to participate when I seen there was a tour starting! And since I've already read and loved the whole series I really wanted to share it with everyone :D. I am so glad that you like my reviews, and I am also so happy that they could make you feel that way. You deserve it, your books are wonderful! You know where to find me when reEmergent is ready for reviewing! :D <3

  3. I love these covers so beautiful. I think I have the first book and I need to get them started. Awesome reviews, definitely peaks my interest and makes me want to get to the books really soon.

    1. They are all really beautiful :) Glad you liked the reviews, I've done my job in spreading the good word and getting people interested haha. I hope you enjoy the series! I'm positive you will :). Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. The reviews certainly increased my awareness. The books looks fabulous.


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