Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Flicker by Kaye Thornbrugh


Author: Kaye Thornbrugh

Publication Date: February 25, 2012

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Genre: Urban Fantasy



When sixteen-year-old Lee Capren is spirited away to Faerie, she is forced to serve capricious faeries as a prized portrait artist… and live as their prisoner.

A chance encounter with the charming Nasser grants Lee a chance for freedom—but what felt like mere days in Faerie spanned years in the human world, and Lee no longer has a home to return to.

Nasser is a Seer—a human with magical powers—and Lee is quickly plunged into his world: a sprawling city teeming with magic and mystery, where supernatural creatures walk hidden among humans. With the help of a rag-tag group of teenage Seers, Lee must master her newfound magical talent and outwit a cunning faerie determined to destroy her.

My Thoughts: Alright, so I have to start off this review by saying that I freaking LOOVE this cover! I just love it so much! And was happy to find that Lee is a redhead! <3 I so love red hair, it must be because I have it, as well as my daughter! But yes, the cover is gorgeous and I also love the font they chose for the title. So about the story, I also really enjoyed it! I think it is a wonderful debut novel and am going to be looking forward to more from Kaye.

Flicker revoles mostly around Lee, a 16 year old artist, who wanders into a faerie revel and loses the next seven years of her life. Lee is finally recscued when Nasser comes to the revel looking for his brother Jason, only he sees Lee and makes a trade to free her. When the faerie Prince and Queens find out that someone has traded her off when the Prince is so attached to her, they send that person, who is a dryad named Bryony, after Lee to bring her back. Bryony is quite desperate to bring her back as she loves the Prince and would do anything to be able to be with him. So there is a lot going on in the story because Lee finds out that she can use magic and she really, really likes Nasser. But her comes Bryony trying to capture her and take her from her new life. So the story line is pretty fun and I was always eager to see what would happen next.

There are a lot of major characters in this story. There's Lee of course. Nasser, her love interest and hero. Jason, Nasser's brother. Filo, a grumpy Seer who hates everything and everyone, especially Lee, who has been left in his care. Then there is Alice, who isn't as big of a character, but she is still pretty awesome. And then Bryony, a vindictive dryad who lets nobody get in her way of her love.

Overall, Flicker is a fun read. It's full of heartbreak, adventure and romance. I felt terrible for Lee, losing seven years of her life, but then look what comes of it. She meets a great guy. I think Kaye Thornbrugh is an author that you should watch out for and if you are at all into books about faeries, you should definitely give this book a read. If you've never read a book about faeries, maybe you should start with this one. It's definitely a cute, fun read.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Jenn! For the curious, Flicker is available for FREE on Amazon Kindle today and tomorrow (Friday, July 20 and Saturday, July 21)!


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