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Review: Love Sucks by Sage Collins

Love Sucks

Author: Sage Collins

Publication Date: April 27th, 2012

Publisher: Musa Publishing

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance



Mailee Jones is about to answer the age old question: "How much love would a love sucker suck if a love sucker fell in love?" Mailee is a Haustrix, an otherwise normal girl with a demon gene that causes her to consume love from any human she touches. Afraid of draining anyone completely, she's been leading an isolated life, relying on Eric, a hunky lust-draining Haustor and the only person she can safely touch. She's content to avoid humans for all but the quickest possible hand-brushes with the dreaded cheerleaders to keep from starving. Until she meets Logan, a diabetic who is the first human to understand Mailee's anguish over her diet. But growing close to him means risking his love for her. Mailee's convinced it's time to do something--anything--to become human. But the only antidote requires her to release and be systematically infected by demons representing each of the Seven Deadly Sins. Sloth and Pride? Okay, fine, but sins like Wrath and Envy aren't so easy, as proven when possessed-Mailee punches the cheerleader who's making eyes at Eric. Can she honestly get through all the sins? Not to mention this new issue--is she interested in Eric instead? Because if she turns human, she'll lose him. Forever.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. It was a brand new idea, a great plot line, with fun characters, what's not to like about that?

The story is about a teenage girl who is a Haustrix. This is something I have never heard of before so I was quite eager and excited to read and find out more. I love taking in new fantasy ideas and lore, so much fun! So a Haustrix is essentially a demon, the female version. The male version is called a Haustore. These demons live by feeding off other people's emotions. Mailee in particular feeds off love. Nothing else sustains her. This is something you come into in your younger teenage years. The only reason she found out at all was watching her older brother go through it. So she was a little prepared when it happened to her.

The things she has to go through are mind boggling. I can't even come close to imagining what it would be like to have this curse. Her older brother Matt didn't know what was happening to him. He accidentally drained his parents of their love for each other, as well as their love for their own children. Can you imagine holding the weight of something like that on your shoulders?! Unthinkable. So Matt happens to find a way to become human, and attempts it of course. But something goes wrong in the process and he runs away. Leaving Mailee behind. But they have a good friend named Eric who is also a Haustore and Matt asks him to look out for  her before he takes off. So she is not completely alone. Eric is different though because he feeds of Lust.

Again, all I can think about is how hard it would be to be Mailee. She can't touch anybody, at all, in any way! No kisses or hugs or hand holding, can't go to a doctor, anything! She lives in almost constant starvation because she hates to feed off people, she gets nibbles by grazing fingers here and there and that's it. Then she finds out why her brother Matt left and what he was up to before he ran. Mailee of course is eager to become human as well, and so she embarks on the same quest as her brother. The details of which you will have to read about to find out  more.

But it was intense, emotional, and a really interesting journey. Mailee makes new friends, maybe even loves a boy. Which of course makes the end goal of becoming human even more important. But when things start getting quite out of hand, will it be to much to handle? Will she be able to shoulder the guilt it comes with and see it through to the end? Or is she even capable?

As I said before, I love a brand new paranormal fix. There is so much out there, and  there is also a lot of the same so something completely new is just awesome! I really enjoyed the story, I read through it fairly quickly despite not getting a whole lot of free time to read and I would definitely recommend it without hesitation. Mailee's character was someone I would want to be friends with, she kind of reminds me of myself. She is kind of anti social, stands outside the accepted norm. Of course she kind of made it that way, she distances herself from people, and with good reason. Despite being a demon, she is actually more human than some humans I know haha. She could just go around feasting and draining, but she is loaded with humanity. And she tries to protect those she loves and keep everyone safe. And when she does mess up, she is really hard on herself. Which makes me feel even more terrible for her because it' s not like there is anything she can do about it.

Great story, pulled lots of emotion from me, mainly sympathy. But lots of other things to :). I think you will like it! Give it a read and let us know what you thought of it!

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