Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Wrap-up Read-a-thon Photo Albulm and Last day (Late I Know)

The Summer Wrap-up Read-a-thon is being hosted by Some Like It Paranormal and In Between.

 So the read-a-thon is done, it was very fun for my first read-a-thon ever! I even won a book, which is pretty awesome! Thank you to both Jennifer and Jude for hosting!!

So I know I'm last getting this last post up but honestly, I had a killer migraine all of yesterday which didn't help me finish my last book that I planned to read at all. I did at least get over half done it!

What I read:

What I didn't finish:
58% done
I think I did pretty well with this read-a-thon!
I'm not going to link up my reviews because I already have the book that is being given away for that, so I will link them here if you want to go check out what I thought.

So now, if you're wondering where I normally read at, here's a photo album  so you can see!

 Yes, my most common reading spot happens to be on this large pile of teddy bears. I like being able to read while sitting in with my daughter while she plays. It's actually pretty comforable. That dog is as long as me and makes a great body pillow.

 The couch of course!

 Haven't been out here much lately (lots of rain) but I enjoy reading on my deck.

The bathtub is one of my favorite places to read!

Finally, probably the second most common place. 

I also read at work and occassionally in the city park, but I don't have pictures of that today :(


  1. I love laying on a teddy bears too! :)
    Your house looks so clean. Oh my.

    I was late to post it too. Here is my post!

    1. Haha, clean.. I guess my living room looks a little clean.. Most of the time, messes in my house are just toys strewn across the floor. Takes about 5 minutes to pick them up!

      Those teddies are super comfy though!

  2. Wake was good! Those siren girls were freaky! I am dying to read Girl of Nightmares and Glitch. I love Last Sacrifice but it long. I get migraines too and they suck :-( I love your stuffed animals! And your patio looks great. It's been over 100 everyday here so rain sounds good right now lol Although normally I hate rain.
    Thanks so much for participating!
    My Wrap-Up Photo Album

    1. And you can feel free to link up your reviews! Just don't enter in the rafflecopter. The prize will be awarded through that since I knew some may have already read it.

    2. They were totally freaky!! Girl of Nightmares and Glitch were great! And I'm still plugging away at Last Sacrifice. I really like it, but I'm just busy lately!

      This migraine has been sticking around. It appears my daughter made me sick.. I like when it's humid because that means there is going to be a thunderstornm soon!

      I didn't realize that there was a rafflecopter, i'm so dumb.. ok, linking up!

  3. Awesome books for the readathon! I want to read Girl of Nightmares and Wake -- they look awesome!

    Love your reading spots. :) I hope there's water in the tub when you're in there! My bathtub is too little to read comfortably in. And I love the stuffies! That would be a super comfy spot.

    1. There is definitely water in the tub when I read in there!
      And the teddies are super comfy, I love laying there!

      Girl of Nightmares and Wake were great!


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